Workshop Fun

I want to thank the wonderful artists that showed up for my June 1st workshop. There were lots of discussions about how to apply pastels, what paper to use and all the extra fun things you can do with the media. Each of them found the benefits of doing notans and underpaintings.
I was so intrigued, they each decided to paint on a very small surface, about a 7×7 and that in its self is a tough thing to pull off so kudos to all of you! They all tried the alcohol underpainting technique.
Karen pulled off a very nice mood painting, in fact, she did two paintings one with an underpainting and another without, Dotti loved the colors you get from pastels, she has a wonderful sense for color and Tracy has a nice light touch with the pastels, which is a big plus and she totally made the painting her own.

All in all, I had a great time and it is my hope is each of them walked away with some new fresh ideas and a love of pastel painting.

June 1st 2019 workshop


Discovering Pastels