Subject for my demo May 4th 2019

When looking for a photo reference for my Demo on May 4th, I came across this photo I took several years ago near Consumnes River. I love all the bright colors, the way the ducks and clouds lead you to the focal point.  I cropped it to the size of my painting 12×18 then it was time to take a few moments to study it and think about what I need to do to make this work. The first thing is the darkness of the forground and trees I’ll need to have the values lightened and warm and cool colors added. Also, the large mass in the foreground will need to be broken up so I can let you “into” my painting. I’m not sure if I will leave the tower poles however they do keep you inside the composition. I’m still trying to decide what underpainting technique to apply, I’ll keep that a secret until the demo.  I’m excited to start my study and to do the demo so come join me to see how I resolved all of the issues. Pastel Demonstration May 4th 2019

Red Sky at Night