Here’s a teaser for my workshop

Do you struggle with understanding why values can make or break your painting? Or how to see values?  Take a look at the images below and squint your eyes so they are blurry.  These images are the same the only thing that has changed are 

Got painters passion? What the heck is that?

You may have heard of a saying “I’m in the zone” well that’s what painters passion is all about. I have spent days on location, plein air painting in the heat, rain and yes even in the snow to be “in the zone” and happy 

Crazy in Love with alcohol and watercolor?

As it turns out these two liquids are my favorite choices for pastel underpaintings but which one is right? Well, the answer is both and in fact, one of my favorite ways to apply both of these applications are in one painting. In my wave paintings, transparent watercolors are used for the bright sunlight areas but not needed for the opaque foam in the foreground so I grab my Isopropyl alcohol and apply it over layers of opaque pastels. By applying both of these mediums for my underpainting I can easily see what is needed for my finished pastel application. Want to learn more, sign up for a workshop or follow my blog.

ocean waves
Pure Light- Sold