25 minute Pastel Exercise

OK I had fun today I did 2 pastel paintings each taking 25 minutes with underpaintings.  These are my quick studies for future paintings or just warm ups to get me started. I got my studio ready picked the pastels I wanted to use, set out my small watercolor set and my botttle of alcohol (no not my wine at least not yet). This is a great exercise to get me ready for a larger painting. I can work out the kinks, see if it feels good and if not I have very little time invested in it.  My conclusions: the first painting I like the composition but I need to make sure my WOW factor the sunlit row of trees needs to be better defined and have a more interesting shape and colors. Also, I will need to add warm colors in the other backlit trees on the right. I know the rocks will need more defination but this was a study and in 20 minutes you don’t have time to noodle. The second study I also like the compostion and it feels warm and sunny so I think I can move forward with this one.

Give it a try, after all, time at the easel is always fun and don’t be so hard on yourself these are just studies.

The rules I followed:

  1. Start to finish 25 minutes.  I allowed only 5 extra minutes for the drawing and underpainting.  The time it took to dry was not counted in the 25 minutes.